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Top 10 Electronics and Products to Start the Semester Off Right

electronics, products, my choice software

The beginning of the semester has begun for many colleges and universities, and that means getting the right tools to help you navigate your classes and late nights studying. In the digital age, these great products will help to make college life a little bit easier and on the cutting edge:



The absolute necessity of any student looking to keep track of class schedules, projects, and surfing the Internet, laptops are mobile enough to take to class, the library, or under a tree in the quad. Check out our collection of Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, and Panasonic laptops.

Windows 10

Windows 10, Microsoft

Using a PC has never been more intuitive and adaptive to your computing style as Windows 10 from Microsoft. Combining the popular form of Windows 7 with the functionality of Windows 8, Windows 10 offers touch-screen capabilities that work well for any project as well as a renewed menu system for easy navigation.

Microsoft Office Home & Student Edition

Microsoft, microsoft office, word, excel, powerpoint, outlook

Looking for a suite of software that will let you complete your assignments with ease? The new Microsoft Office Home & Student Edition has all the basics every student needs to write documents, make spreadsheets, create presentations, and keep track of all those important emails. Home & Student Edition comes loaded with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft Surface

microsoft, microsoft surface pro 

Microsoft has entered the hardware game with its Surface products , which include the popular Surface Pro series and the new Surface Book laptop/tablet hybrid. Both run on the latest Windows 10 operating system and allow users flexibility in function as well as portability for taking your work anywhere. The Surface series features an intuitive detachable keyboard for intense writing while the Surface Book can be detached from its keyboard and rearranged to suit your style.

Anti-Virus & Security Software

anti-virus, security software

While using the Internet is very helpful in completing projects, connecting with classmates, and sending assignments off to your teachers, it’s always good to keep your equipment and sensitive information protected from viruses and malicious software. Investing in good anti-virus and internet security software can be the difference between preventing unwanted malware and having your information stolen. We offer popular brands such as McAfee, AVG, Norton, and more to keep your computer protected!

Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard

mouse, keyboard

Everyone has their own comfort level and work style on their computers, so getting a mouse and keyboard that is both comfortable and ergonomic can make you a more productive student while reducing fatigue. We offer many styles and brands of mice and keyboards to keep your hands typing and clicking with dexterity and ease.

WiFi Router

wifi, router

Having a poor WiFi signal can be annoying when you’re trying to work on a project, so getting the right kind of wireless router can make all the difference when uploading documents or downloading important materials. WiFi extenders can provide you with more flexibility in where you work in your home without sacrificing wireless signal speeds.



Do you enjoy listening to music or podcasts while you work? The right headphones can make those intense study sessions more bearable while keeping you focused and in a good train of thought. We offer easily-portable earbud style headphones and full ear gear with noise cancellation technology and headset microphones for social communication.

Surge Protectors & Power Sources

backup battery

Keeping your devices powered up can be just as important as your WiFi signal, so never lose an ounce of juice with portable backup power sources and extension cords. Surge protectors allow you to plug in multiple devices all at once while protecting them in case of an electrical catastrophe.

All-In-One Printer & Scanner

printer, scanner

Printing written assignments and projects is an inevitability, and running to the library is not always an option, so having your own machine at home can save you strife as well as time. An all-in-one printer and scanner gives you the flexibility of printing documents as well as making copies with ease.

If you are ever unsure of what product is right for you, contact our support team at (800) 318-1439 or to find the best fit for your needs!

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