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Which Version of Microsoft Office is Right for You?

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So you got a new computer, and now you’re wondering what kind of Microsoft Office suite you should get. There are so many versions out there, so it’s understandable to be a little lost when getting a new machine. There are two primary versions of the current generation of Microsoft Office that are available, so which is the best bang for your buck?

Microsoft Office 2016  

The standard workhorse for all your documentation and computing needs, Office 2016 is the newest version of a long line of Office software stretching back the origins of Microsoft. This version is a one-time purchase for a single Mac or PC that comes complete with a standard software suite, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

Office 2016 will receive security updates, but is not capable of receiving upgrades, so the version you purchase will remain unaltered for the duration you use it. If you wish to upgrade to newer versions and gain more functionality, you will have to purchase a new version for your computer.

Microsoft Office 365

The most dynamic of the group, Office 365 is a subscription service that provides everything included in Office 2016, plus many more features that can keep up to five devices updated with the latest features from Microsoft. Besides the standard suite of programs in Office 2016, Office 365 also includes Access, OneNote, Project, and Visio; these added programs add tremendous value to any business or home office that has plenty of things to manage and tasks to complete.

Additionally, subscribers will always receive the latest updates and added features from Microsoft, making the purchase of new software often unnecessary. Users also receive one terabyte (1 TB) of storage space in OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud space, for additional storage. Office 365 offers many variants to best suite your needs, including home, student, business, school, and nonprofit versions.

Which one sounds most appealing to you? If you are still unsure of which version of Office fits your needs, contact our support staff at (800) 318-1439 or for assistance.  

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