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Updates to My Choice Software user interface


Find what you really want

Recently at My Choice Software, there have been great improvements focused on helping customers easily find what they are searching for. One issue of having a wide selection of products available is that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to sort through the endless volumes of options. The new filter options on the MCS website focuses on the most popular products and those that are often searched for together. While the rest of the MCS trove is still present on the site, it has been sent to the background of the store where it can still be located through the search bar.


Super Secret Search Bar on MyChoiceSoftware

The new filter options highlight brands, editions and versions of products as opposed to the classic filter navigation which focused on classifications and uses. This approach allows for customers to quickly find the exact product they are looking for or to compare similar editions without obscure titles interfering.


The old way (15+ seconds)

For example, a customer may want to find VMware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus, a very specific and robust virtualization software that allows for large-scale virtual machine management.

In the classic filter system, a user would

  1. First, expand "Software"
  2. expand "Information Technology"
  3. expand "Virtualization"
  4. Finally, locate "VMware"
  5. Only at this point are the results refined to the correct brand (and the desired product is on the 3rd page of results)

Filter options quickly based on your needs

While this feature does display all of the choices one may want when looking for virtualization software it also makes comparing the most similar items difficult. It also slows down navigation to specific products. Refining searches by brand, year and edition gives shoppers the ability to compare the options at a more granular level and offers more control. Below is a demonstration of the new navigation system locating the same product, VMware Vsphere 6 Enterprise Plus

The new way (9.73 seconds)

This improvement represents just one of the many current and ongoing features that My Choice Software is pushing forward to help customers find and purchase the best software available. Other items to keep an eye out for on the site include; product comparison charts to find the features you need, detailed system specs needed for software and OS, rich content of products including screenshots of in application functions and also a loyalty program to reward customers with enhanced support and discounts on subsequent purchases.

What functionality do you value in your online shopping experience? Leave a comment below.

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