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Windows 10 Power Shortcuts


We interface with our operating system every time we boot up our computer but typically we don't even notice that it is there. But, buried within every Windows OS is a myriad of powerful, time-saving keyboard commands or shortcuts. Becoming familiar with these tools can help any level user increase the effectiveness of Windows 10  speeding up anything from copy and paste to running multiple versions of your desktop at once.


Here the commands have been separated into different groups based on how they manipulate your computer. Have fun playing and learning some of the (hopefully) new commands on your Windows 10 machine. Some commands have yellow background disclaimers as performing them may open a new desktop or put your machine to sleep.


Basic Commands

Ctrl + C
Copy to clipboard
Ctrl + X
Cut selected items
Ctrl + V
Paste from clipboard
Ctrl + A
Select all
Ctrl + Z
Undo action
Ctrl + Y
Redo action
Ctrl + D
Delete item
Ctrl + Esc
Open Start Menu
Ctrl + Shift + Esc
Open Task Manager
Ctrl + F4
Close active window

Quick Open/close commands

Open/close Start Menu
windows-10-logo-sm + A
Open Action center
windows-10-logo-sm + C
Open Cortana in listening mode
windows-10-logo-sm + D
Display and hide the desktop
windows-10-logo-sm + E
Open File Explorer
windows-10-logo-sm + G
Open Game bar when a game is open
windows-10-logo-sm + H
Open the Share charm
windows-10-logo-sm + I
Open Settings
windows-10-logo-sm + K
Open the Connect quick action
windows-10-logo-sm + L
Lock your PC or switch accounts
windows-10-logo-sm + M
Minimize all windows
windows-10-logo-sm + R
Open Run dialog box
windows-10-logo-sm + S
Open Search
windows-10-logo-sm + U
Open Ease of Access Center
windows-10-logo-sm + X
Open Quick Link menu
windows-10-logo-sm + Number
Open taskbar app in the corresponding number position


Window Snap Reorder your screen with a few simple commands

View and Capture

Take screenshot
windows-10-logo-sm + Alt + R
Records app with Game bar
windows-10-logo-sm + Shift +
Stretch the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen.
windows-10-logo-sm + +
Zoom in using the magnifier.
windows-10-logo-sm + -
Zoom out using the magnifier.
windows-10-logo-sm + Tab
Open Task view.
Ctrl + Alt + Tab
View open apps
Ctrl + Shift + Esc
Open Task Manager.
Alt + Tab
Switch between open apps.

Window and Desktop Commands

windows-10-logo-sm +
Snap app windows left.
windows-10-logo-sm +
Snap window right
windows-10-logo-sm +
Maximize window
windows-10-logo-sm +
Minimize window
windows-10-logo-sm + Comma
 Show desktop (while held)
windows-10-logo-sm + Ctrl + D
Add a virtual desktop
windows-10-logo-sm + Ctrl + or
Switch between virtual desktop if created
windows-10-logo-sm + Ctrl + F4
Close current virtual desktop
windows-10-logo-sm + Enter
Open Narrator
windows-10-logo-sm + Home
Minimize all but the active window (toggle)


Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Commands Utilize multiple virtual desktops to stay

While undoubtedly many of these oldie but goodie commands are more of a refresher than revelation hopefully some unlock new features of your Operating System. Or perhaps it even opened your eyes to missed opportunities if you are on an older version or different OS. If you have questions about your Windows OS that are not answered call MyChoiceSoftware to see if an upgrade is right for you. Happy shortcutting!

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