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    Parallels Software | Run Windows on Your Mac |

    Parallels - Run Windows on Your Mac

    Parallels Desktop for Mac seamlessly runs Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting.

    Use applications not available on Mac

    Powerful performance lets you run day-to-day Windows productivity applications and even the most-demanding graphical apps without compromise.

    Parallels Desktop 9 is the fastest way to run the most graphic-intensive Windows programs and the most powerful cross-platform Windows development tools side-by-side.

    Run the familiar Windows

    If you're new to Mac, keep the familiar Windows experience on your Mac.

    Or make Windows invisible

    If you love the Mac OS interface, make Windows invisible.

    Or run apps side-by-side

    Either way, run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side without compromising performance.

    Perfect if you’re new to Mac

    Seamlessly run Windows and its applications side by side with Mac OS X and its applications on a single Mac.

    Perfect if you’re new to Mac

    Start with the familiar look of Windows. Then add more and more of the Mac look, feel and experience to your Windows programs at your pace.

    Unwind and enjoy your favorite music, games and video with 7.1 Surround Sound.

    Copy and paste between Windows and Mac

    Easily copy and paste and drag and drop formatted text and images between Windows and Mac.

    Switch from Safari to Internet Explorer

    Switch from Safari to the same web page in Internet Explorer with a single click when you try to view a page that doesn’t show correctly.

    Use camera with Windows applications

    Use your iSight or FaceTime HD camera with your Windows applications.

    Use multi-touch trackpad gestures

    Use multi-touch trackpad gestures that allow you to navigate through Windows applications like Mac applications.

    Worried about connecting to your network?

    Synch iCloud, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and more without unnecessary duplication of files locally. Parallels Desktop also provides two modes for flexibility with different networking environments.

    Ease of use, performance, reliability and stability

    • Mac OX features, including Notification Center for Windows alerts, Dictation, gestures and Launchpad work in your Windows apps.
    • PowerNap Support for Retina Display Macs lets you update Windows and Windows applications while your computer sleeps.
    • Supports import of Boot Camp partition into a Parallels virtual machine.
    • Suspend and resume Boot Camp virtual machines.
    • Faster and smoother import of VMware and Virtual PC virtual machines.

    A must-have in the Mac-based business

    An office full of Macs can still run the business-critical PC applications that you, your customers and your partners need.

    Presentation Wizard

    Presentation Wizard allows you to easily and beautifully show presentations from your Mac on any external monitor or projector.

    1GB of video memory

    Choose up to 1GB of video memory for your most graphically intense Windows programs.

    A variety of design programs

    Use a wide variety of design programs and games with DirectX 9.0c/9Ex and Shader Model 3 support and DirectX 10 support in many games.

    Versatile for home, home office and school

    Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac enables one Mac to handle all of your computing needs. Run the PC programs your work or school requires and the Mac applications you love. Use Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Access, OneNote and other applications not available on Mac.

    Security features

    Use administrator tools to protect and secure virtual machines.

    The Parallels Wizard

    The Parallels Wizard protects your investment in Windows applications and files, moving everything quickly and easily.

    The Security Wizard

    The new Security Wizard lets you easily access and install complimentary security software subscriptions to keep both your Mac and your Windows virtual machines safe from viruses, malware, etc.


    Whether you are a home user, a business professional, a student, a passionate gamer or your company plans to work with Mac or already has Mac, with Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac your Windows applications will run like they were made for Mac.

    Seamless integration

    Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac brings seamless integration on one computer. In addition to Windows 8, other OSs can also run in Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac, including:

    Windows XP
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows Vista
    Google Chrome OS

    Mac OS X features to Windows apps

    Parallels Desktop even brings Mac OS X features like Launchpad and Dictation to Windows apps, and is compatible with :

    OS X Mavericks (10.9)
    OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
    OS X Lion (10.7.5)
    OS X Lion (10.6.4)
    OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8)

    Mac OS X Mountain Lion support

    Experience Mountain Lion’s amazing, intuitive features like Launchpad and Mission Control even while running Windows applications.

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