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Microsoft Project 2016

Microsoft Project 2016 is the latest version of this celebrated project management software package and is available in a variety of license types. The retail box is just as it sounds; a package that is identical to what you would see at a big box store. It contains one software installation disc and the activation code. This software can only be activated on one computer, but unlike OEM discs, you can install the software on another computer if the original PC stops working. Only one activation is allowed. Purchasing a product license is a great option if the software is available for installation and you need a second activation.

Another option for Project Professional 2016 users is to purchase a license that includes a Project Server Client Access License (CAL). The CAL is required to access the services of Project Server from any device. This is useful when a project manager, for example, needs access to the Project Server from a work computer and later on another computer at home. The professional version offers the ability to collaborate with Skype for business presence, resource management tools, SharePoint task sync and Project Online/Project Server sync. The program includes out-of-the-box reporting tools to help project managers quickly and easily measure progress and resource allocation. In addition, a multiple timeline view is available to help the user visualize projects to produce strong presentations. The standard version includes reporting tools that have the look and feel of Office programs including Word and Excel. Task Path highlighting is available in the Gantt chart allowing you to always know the progress of projects. Multiple timeline views are also available. Note that all of these software titles are new, have never been used and are guaranteed to be 100 percent genuine Microsoft software.