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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 – MyChoice Software

    Microsoft Windows 8.1 is unique when it comes to the company’s operating systems in that it is in effect a Service Pack for Windows 8 but is available as a standalone installation. Service packs to Windows operating systems are typically rolled out as system updates but Microsoft added a slight variation to this policy for Windows 8.1. Instead of being an update that was automatically downloaded, Windows 8.1 appeared as a tile in the Windows Store that the user could click on to install the new operating system. The installation process was relatively fast and PC owners did not have to reinstall desktop applications or files after the conversion to 8.1 was finalized. This update was released about one year after Windows 8 debuted and was designed to correct some features that many PC owners loudly complained about, most notably the lack of a start button.

    Microsoft’s reasoning for eliminating the start screen and using the Metro design that features tiles was to make an operating system that was easy to use on tablets and mobile devices will still being capable of being used on a desktop computer. The updated version does not eliminate the tiles or Metro style, but it is easier to use for computers owners who have a keyboard and mouse rather than a touchscreen. In addition to the return of the start screen, this version improved SkyDrive — renamed in this update to OneDrive — integration, added Internet Explorer 11, incorporated Microsoft’s Bing search engine and added support for high-resolution displays, Wi-Fi Direct and 3D printing. My Choice Software has a variety of Windows 8.1 versions available, giving you choices for installing this operating system. You can choose the retail box version that included an installation DVD or install Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software. Upgrade versions are also available for current Windows 8 users and this operating system is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Whatever you choose, know that this is genuine software from Microsoft that is guaranteed to install, activate and work successfully on your computer. Back to top