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Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 Standard OEI - 16 Core Instant License
MFR # P73-07113
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Core Open License - 2 Cores
MFR # 9EM-00124
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single User CAL - Open License
MFR # R18-05123
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop User CAL License
MFR # 6vc-03224
Windows Server 2016 Essentials - 1-2 CPU
MFR # G3S-01045
Windows Server 2016 Standard - 5 Client User CAL
MFR # R18-05244
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop - 5 User CAL
MFR # 6VC-03055
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Core Open Academic - 2 Cores
MFR # 9EM-00058
Windows Server 2016 Essentials OEI DVD - 1-2 CPU
MFR # G3S-01045
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials - Open License
MFR # G3S-01015
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Device CAL License
MFR # 6vc-03222
Windows Server 2016 Standard - 5 Client Device CAL
MFR # R18-05206

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Build a strong foundation for your business, school or government office with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 from My Choice Software. The server operating system is designed with reliability, affordability and performance in mind. It also includes a variety of security features at different levels to protect your server from attacks, keeping your data safe and your information protected. With Windows Server 2016, you’ll enjoy reduced information storage costs and the peace of mind that comes with keeping a backup of your most important files at a secure, off-site location.

Advanced Security Features

One of the best features of Windows Server 2016 is its ability to shut down security threats before they can cause any problems. Whether it’s a hacker trying to get user passwords or a virus trying to take down your entire system, Windows Server 2016 has built-in security layers that find and neutralize threats before they can do any damage. Windows Server 2016 is one of the most advanced server operating systems on the market and is also one of the most secure. You can trust your data to Windows Server 2016.

Low Storage Costs

Whether you store a lot of data or just a little, Windows Server 2016 gives you the flexibility you need at a price you can afford. On-site servers and data storage can be expensive, but cloud-based storage over the server’s network is much more affordable. Order as much or as little storage as you need and enjoy the freedom to expand your storage capabilities at a moment’s notice.

Because your data and information will be stored at a secure off-site location, you don’t have to worry about a catastrophe bringing your business down. In the event of an emergency, simply restore your computer using the backup information in the cloud and avert a potentially expensive disaster. You’ll enjoy the cost savings and your customers, students or employees will appreciate the reliability of the system.

Save time, money and effort by switching to Windows Server 2016 from My Choice Software. We carry the powerful Microsoft server operating system in a variety of editions and license version to suit your needs. Choose the program that’s right for you and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using such a powerful and secure system.

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